Hey !

I’m Memorix101 !

My real name is Jan-Eric Waclawski.
I was born 1995 in Germany.

Currently, I’m studying computer science in Germany.
Since my early childhood I’m super excited about computers and video games.

I mainly listen to Drum & Bass music.

I’m a huge fan of the UK (and hope they don’t leave the EU, because I want to life there one time).

As a child I drew a lot ideas about video games and game console. I had a bunch of papers with just “game design” artwork.
I even built a fantasy game console out of a pizza box with a cartridge slot like a SNES.

I started programming at the age of 10 years.
I started with the Acknex Engine 5 which is a modified Quake 1 Engine programmable in a JavaScript like programming language.

Also I coded in Dark Basic Pro back then.
Just 2 years later I started out with C++ and C#.

My first released game was Marble Ball Dash in September 2010
running in Acknex Engine 7.

In 2010 I discovered Unity3D and the UDK.
I never made a game with UDK nor UE 4, but I made some samples with it.
My first Unity3D game was never released, because it is was unfinished and later I lost the code.

Here you can read more about my first games and some cancelled/lost ones.