Dreamcast Development


On this page I want to show you how I worked on my Sega Dreamcast Homebrew game(s).

I use a PC with Ubuntu Linux on it and the latest Dreamcast Homebrew SDK (Kallistios 2.0)

So, when you start you need to setup your OS with all libs you’re needing to compile.
Next you need to mount the directories of the SDK and compile it. This takes some times, so you can watch your favorite show on Netflix or so.
When you’re done you need to start a script with compiler settings only for the DC Toolchain, because of comparability we compiled an older version of GCC before.
Well, now you’re good to go.

C++ is supported, but VERY limited.
So, you are mostly using C.
Assets like sprites, music and stuff is stored in a folder inside your source directory and named “romdisk”. You need to mount it inside your code to access it.

I recommend to practice making Makefiles, most times my stuff didn’t work because I wrote bad Makefiles.

Once you compiled your application you get an ELF executable file. Now, you need to run some commands to compile it to a BIN file linked to a bootloader and 1ST_READ file.
Then you only need to make an image file, the DC scene prefers CDI by DiscJuggler.

Some video while programming for Dreamcast: