Programming Portfolio


I’m Jan-Eric Waclawski and make games and love programming.

I’ve experience with a couple of game developing technologies like Unity3D, UDK / Unreal Engine 4, XNA / MonoGame and others.

Mostly I write code in C# and C++.
Also, I’m a Linux guy :D

Games are my way to express myself.
I want to share my ideas and fantasies with people, mostly driven to entertain them.

I always want to make sure that my code is portable to other platforms (normally Windows, Mac and Linux).
I really want to develop for consoles, my only experience I’ve had in that case was making a few games for OUYA and making homebrew stuff for Sega Dreamcast and other systems.


JetBrains IDEs (Rider (C#), IntelliJ (Java and Rust), CLion (C/C++) and many more)
Atom – Open source script editor like Sublime or Notepad++
Unity3D – Multiplatform game engine (I love this thing so much)
GitKraken  – Git client

September 22, 2017