Videogame Console Projects

G-eon is a virtual video game console

It’s highly inspired by 90’s game consoles like Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Super Nintendo and PlayStation.

Games are loaded as ROM modules into the system.

In development for Windows and Linux


G-eon Alpha 0.8 – Space Invaders (Unfinished Port)

Xenon is a Unix based video game console operating system.

About Xenon
Xenon started in 2008, I was 12 years then. Since then I’m planning this project.
First, it was called Xenox and renamed later to Xenon. Due to my young age and no experience I stopped the project in 2010. In winter 2010 I started to mess around with Linux and started making few Linux based OSes. Later in spring 2011 I revived Xenon and rebooted it as U.Rage mostly inspirited by the Sega Dreamcast and the Window CE thing for that platform.  The first U.Rage thing I released were SD Cards in 2012 with an embedded Linux and games on them. Like Gameboy cartridges, you can put in your PC and boot them to play. In Summer 2013 I released a gaming client for free and open source games with the same name. The platform was online from summer ’13 to November.
I promoted my games Just Shoot and Cube MetalHeart 2 with the platform.
After the server shut down the project was dead. In 2016 I revived Xenon once again as Unix based video game console OS for targeting the Raspberry Pi as “build your own game console” thing.

Xenon Prototype 2018 #1 (deutsch)

Windows Client:
Alpha 0.5:
Savegame Backup Feature:

Console/ SD Card System:
Game Announcement Trailer:
Showcase SD Card Reader (16yrs old me voice):